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June Smith (left) with Ward Smith (right) and Steve (center).

Ward and June Smith are the parents of Frank and Steve.


In "Parent's Day", Ward is depicted as an incompetent husband, having low testosterone levels and taking little to no charge, being repeatedly overpowered by Steve. He is briefly replaced by Steve as head of the household at the suggestion of Steve when he claims it'll allow them to keep their house. Later on, however, a beaker of testosterone is sent flying due to a neighborhood fight, and when some of it lands on Ward's head, he promptly takes charge, reclaiming his position as head of the household among other things.

In the same episode, June develops a sexual attraction to her son as that for her husband begins to wane. Despite admitting that she has a problem, she can't get this fixed, no matter what's done. This shift is caused by the aforementioned incompetency of her husband, and things only worsen as Ward proves himself to be inferior to his son. When Ward regains his authority due to said testosterone, only then does her attraction to her husband regenerate.


  • They never visit Frank, due to him being away from campus for most of the episode.

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