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The University of China, Illinois, often abbreviated as UCI, is a fictional university and the setting for most of the show. It is claimed to be the worst school in America, which is supported by the staff's corrupt teaching skills, such as teaching while drunk.

Known Buildings & AreasEdit

Abandoned SchoolhouseEdit

As shown in "Prom Face/Off", this is the site one of Leonard's failed experiments leads to it being invaded by hippies. In addition, the Dean holds a staff-only prom here, which is overtaken by the aforementioned creatures.


The auditorium is the site of where Ronald Reagan was tricked into coming in "Rewind, Pause, Pay!" after the staff hear of his plan to get revenge on Steve.


Dean's TowerEdit

The Dean stays in his office perched high in a tower, enabling him to look over the campus.


Students sleep, party, study etc. in their respective dormitories. There are two sets of dormitories on campus.

Faculty Parking LotEdit

Falgot's Office/Campus HospitalEdit

Forest & Tenure CabinEdit

The forest secludes a special cabin for only tenured professors. On a monthly basis, those allowed in the cabin engage in elixir consumption that briefly turns them into their spiritual animals.



This is where sports teams practice and compete, and registration days are held.

History BuildingEdit

This is where history professors usually teach their students. Among its many classrooms as well as a lecture hall is an office/conference room where the history teachers and occasionally others meet to have conversations and conferences.

Lecture HallEdit

In addition to the dedicated buildings, professors can choose to teach classes here.

Philosophy BuildingEdit

Spanish BuildingEdit


Students on the football team play here. It's the site where God descended and briefly partied with China residents as he unveils his new set of the Ten Commandments in "Surfer God".

Student Parking LotEdit

Super Science BuildingsEdit

Just southeast of the center of campus, Leonard and his science class gather here at the laboratory. This is where a giant baby was made due to Leonard and another scientist's clumsiness.

UCI BooksEdit

UCI LibraryEdit

UCI PawnshopEdit

UCI TheaterEdit

Water RefineryEdit


  • Anne: Chemistry professor
  • Chazzi: Unknown role
  • Cravid: Professor of unknown department
  • Crystal: Spanish professor, philosophy professor, history professor
  • Donna: Professor of unknown department
  • Falgot: Campus doctor
  • Frank: History professor
  • Leonard: Super Science professor
  • Pony: History teacher assistant
  • Sammy: History professor
  • Spider: Professor of unknown department
  • Stephen Smith: Spanish professor
  • Steve: History professor
  • The Dean: Dean of the school
  • Tim: Worker at the teachers' lounge's strip club






  • Donny

Staff Wrestling TeamEdit

  • Crystal
  • Falgot: Coach
  • Frank
  • Cravid
  • Pony
  • Sammy
  • Steve
  • The Dean

Baseball TeamEdit

  • Matt

Football TeamEdit

  • Matt
  • Sturd

Trivia Edit

  • In "China, IL: The Funeral", the school is called Community College of China[,] Illinois.
  • As seen in "Kenny Winker Rules", the campus can become a flying object when activated by the keys to the campus.

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