The Dean, also known as Dean, is the dean at UCI.


The Dean's personality is that of a professional wrestler. He wears a championship belt that says "The Dean", signifying his authority at UCI. He is very aggressive and reckless in his dealings with staff and students. Some consider him to be the coolest person at UCI.

He is also shown to be corrupt, much like the rest of the UCI staff. For example, in "Secret Society" he relents to Pony Merks's blackmail and gives her tenure after she threatens to inform his wife about his many visits to Turkey Gobblers. Until provoked by the Mayor in "Chinese New Year", he does nothing to help the situation where all of the school's students fail their exams. Four episodes later, he cuts teachers' wages to minimum wage and inflates annual tuition to $500,000 for the sole purpose of following the footsteps of other deans, then is shown stealing valuables of his students to assemble a throne.


  • The Dean had an African-American wife who was only with him for his money/popularity/job until she was killed by a giant squid in "Secret Society".
  • The Dean has a secret infatuation with elderly women. His wife never found out about it due to him hiding it from her.
  • The Dean's spirit animal is the butterfly.
  • The Dean is an atheist.
  • It was revealed in "Dream Reamer" that the Dean apparently fought in Vietnam and had committed some sort of atrocity, as evidenced by his comment as he is taken away by police, "But I thought what happened in 'Nam, stayed in 'Nam."
  • The Dean is often seen with his assistant, an unnamed mute boy who resembles a mime.

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