Stacy Megan

Stacy Megan, also known as Stacy or Stacey, is a student at UCI.


She evidently cares greatly for her dog, carrying it with her anywhere she goes. When it's killed by Steve, though, she's shown to be distressed, and gets another one.

She and Billy are shown as a couple in "Crow College". Their relationship is strained when Frank tries to have an affair with her, and they likely break up after this episode.

She is fairly social, as she's seen speaking to many people.


  • Stacy is one of the considerably few named students to be seen attending UCI all three seasons; others include Jen, Pony and Baby Cakes.
  • Adult Swim's closed captioning sometimes spells Stacy's name as "Stacey."
  • According to Pony in "Best Face Forward" Stacy had abortions.

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