"Rewind, Pause, Pay!" is the first episode Season 1 and the first episode of China, IL. This episode marks the official start of the series.

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Ronald Reagan pursues Steve for his Reagan impersonations he did back in 1982.

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Reagan Tamper

President Reagan gets comeuppance when Steve least expects it.

Green and Lee, two government agents, speak to Steve about an issue dealing with his relation to Ronald Reagan. Steve reveals that 30 years ago, his act in a talent show was an impersonation of Reagan in a derogatory manner, unaware that Reagan was watching him at the time and that Reagan attained a time machine to freeze time and get revenge on Steve every time he speaks ill of Reagan. Upon suggestion from the rest of the staff and after hesitation from Steve, staff reenact in an attempt to lure Reagan, and it goes live on TV as planned. During Steve's reprise of his act, Reagan freezes time and pays a visit as expected by the government agents. Steve starts fighting Reagan, having an antidote that exempts him from time being frozen, but the two then settle their differences as they converse. While leaving time frozen for decades, the two agree to use their time travel abilities for the benefit of humanity.


Reagan and Steve make peace.

During their voyage through time, the two alter certain parts of history, such as hindering the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and converting Adolf Hitler to Judaism. Later, however, Steve and Reagan are surprised to see that their attempt to improve humanity actually worsened it. To counteract this, the two return to the moment Reagan arrives to the talent show reenactment and stop their former selves from going back in time. The Reagan from the altered timeline unfreezes time, exposing Reagan and getting him arrested as his fight with Steve resumes.

Trivia Edit

  • While approaching Steve after freezing time, Reagan deflates a woman's breast implant, steals a man's money and makes two men kiss each other.
  • The trophy Steve won in 1982 is seen again in later episodes on a bookcase.
  • A demon jumps out of the body of Jackie Lather, the host of both the original talent show and its reenactment, and onto the time machine. This incident is referenced in the two following episodes.
  • Reagan and Steve's journey through time is brought up again in "Secret Society" when Pony tries to explain the September 11 attacks to a class.
  • In Steve's flashback, one of Reagan's bodyguards chortles at Steve's impersonation.
  • The pictures of Reagan's revenge include:
    • him rubbing Steve's trophy against his bare buttocks with Steve hugging it afterward
    • him using a laser to blind Steve
    • him giving one of Steve's girlfriends herpes
    • him tying Steve's shoelaces together as Steve's girlfriend leaves him
    • him putting a deer in front of the Smiths' car
    • him making Steve bald while the Smiths are in the hospital
  • During their journey through time, Reagan and Steve:
    • convert Hitler to Judaism
    • prevent Abraham Lincoln's assassination by amputating John Wilkes Booth's arms
    • hinder Adam and Eve from eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil
    • prevent the September 11 attacks
    • hinder the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Quotes Edit

The Dean: Steve, these government dudes think you're a terrorist!

The Dean: Kids, buy yourself an "A"!

Baby Cakes: Better versions of human are scary.

Frank: Pigs be crazy.

Steve: [Impersonating Reagan] I'm going to blow us all up!

Green: [Reading aloud Lee's sign language] Hey WikiLeaks! Why don't you tell them every fucking secret we have, huh?

Green: He could be freezing and changing whatever he wants. That is Jesus-grade power!

Steve: I'm not risking dump in my mouth!

Baby Cakes: [Pointing to his bare wrist] The clock is ticking, man!

Steve: My life has been putty in his hands! I won't take his putty in my mouth!
Pony: Steve, he could be crapping in all our mouths right now, and we wouldn't know it.

Jackie Lather: The world is a dick!

Jackie Lather: Hey God! Where's your consistency?

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