Pony Merks is a history TA at UCI.

Biography Edit

Pony carries some resentment for her parents. In "Is College Worth It?", she refuses to visit her mother, and six episodes later, she refuses to follow her mother's will, such as converting to Christianity and abstaining from drinking alcohol. Later, in "Parent's Day" her fear of the eponymous celebration becoming an extravagant Mexican picnic comes true courtesy of her parents, and she initially dislikes this. However, as her parents patiently explain to her that all of her many relatives made time to visit her, she finally comes to good terms with them, learning to appreciate the extravaganza.

As revealed in "Life Coaches", just after high school, Pony had married a man, Johnny Merks, who then died shortly afterward. These events resulted in regret for her marrying so young, relief when Johnny died, and sadness because Pony truly missed him.

Trivia Edit

  • In "Dean vs. Mayor", Pony states she has a brother who works as a doctor.
  • Pony's spirit animal is the horse, as seen in "Secret Society".
  • In "Chinese New Year", she reveals she is also a student. "The Perfect Lecture" reveals she is a senior.
  • Revealed in "Surfer God" is that she is twenty-two years old. Brad Neely's Twitter confirms this.[1]
  • Also in "Surfer God", Pony asks God to be her boyfriend, but he impregnates her in a fashion symbolic of the immaculate conception. When God deems the earth unfit for "the next level," he makes her child a stillborn.

Episode Appearances Edit

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