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Pony Merks
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Portrayed by

Greta Gerwig

First shown in

Rewind, Pause, Pay!

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Pony Merks is Steve's History associate and TA at UCI.


Pony is the TA (teacher's assistant) for the history department, frequently assisting in Steve's classes. It has been shown that Pony is quite capable of teaching a class by herself after she blackmailed the Dean into giving her tenure in "Secret Society". During this time she became the most popular teacher on campus and was able to buy a house, although subsequent episodes have shown her living in what appears to be a dorm room or small apartment bedroom.

Pony has also been shown to have accidentally killed a fellow student during the events of "Dream Reamer" and attempted to hide the evidence in Steve's office garden. Pony is Hispanic, with a brother who is a doctor in Mexico. She is considered to be one of the more rational and dependable characters in the series.


  • Dean and Pony: The Dean and Pony have a working relationship together, although occasionally Pony is shown to grow exasperated with the Dean's antics. She seems to respect him for the most part, but is not above questioning his judgement or using his weaknesses (such as granny lust) for her own benefit.
  • Steve and Pony: Pony and Steve are very good friends, with the two of them rarely being apart. There is a bit of sexual or romantic tension between the two of them, as evidenced in "Dean Vs. Mayor" (where she offered to marry him so she could have sex under the Mayor's strict guidelines) and "Chinese New Year" where she had a "weird moment" with Steve's robotic double. (All that is seen is the robotic Steve in his underwear claiming "she digs me".) It is very rare to see one without the other. However, both Steve and Pony are either just platonic friends or in denial about mutual romantic feelings, since in "China-Man Begins" they exert significant effort to convince everyone that they aren't in love. 
  • Frank and Pony: Pony does not dislike Frank, but is not as close to him as she is with Steve. It is unknown if Pony is unaware or is just ignoring his crush on her.
  • Baby Cakes and Pony: Pony and Baby Cakes are friends, with Pony occasionally encouraging him to do things that would benefit him, such as making friends on Facebook. It is implied in "Dream Reamer" that Baby Cakes has a crush on Pony, as she featured heavily in his dreams.



  • In "Dean vs. Mayor", Pony is shown to have a brother who works as a doctor.
  • Pony helps Steve in anyway she can.
  • Pony's spirit animal is the Horse, as seen in "Secret Society".
  • In "Chinese New Year", she is also a student, thus making her a student-teacher. It is later revealed in "The Perfect Lecture" that she is a senior.
  • Also revealed in "The Perfect Lecture" is the fact that she is 20 years old.

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