Miata Mike

Miata Mike is a car thief in charge of stolen Miatas and the owner of the Miata Chop Shop.


In "Total Validation", when Frank and Pony go for a joyride in Steve's Miata, it's towed and placed in Miata Mike's chop shop. Hesitantly, Frank and Pony agree that Miata Mike give them a ride to Kally's parents' place to pick up Steve and keep the car afterward, but at a rest stop, the duo ambush Miata Mike. After the attack proves futile, Frank places himself at Miata Mike's mercy and admits he has issues with Steve. Miata Mike comes to an understanding, revealing he too has an older brother, and the threesome speed toward Steve's whereabouts. There, they hear of Bob's undying love toward Toy Movie 3, and Miata Mike admits that he too loves that film, causing Kally to leave Steve for Miata Mike.