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Leonard Cakes
China IL 6 002 0007

Voiced By:

Jeffrey Tambor

First Appearance:

"Baby Boom"


Professor of Super Science


Baby Cakes (Son), Haystack (Sexual Partner of close to 30 years), 9 other Hippies (Illegitimate children)

Leonard Cakes belongs to the department of Super Science in UCI. He is also the father of Baby Cakes.


Leonard is a professor with tenure at the university of UCI. His department of Super Science is frequently constructed out of only attractive women.

His clumsiness plays a part in the formation of a giant baby in "Baby Boom". His serum intended to shrink it only enlarges and ages it.

He's tenured, meaning he can't be fired, as revealed in "Secret Society". He then takes part of a monthly gathering wherein those tenured get drunk on a special elixir that turns people into animals.

In "Prom Face/Off", a failed experiment to reverse the evolution of hippies backfires and creates ten of them. He has a relationship with one and considers the rest as his children, one of which Baby Cakes attempts to date.

He's a part of the faculty wrestling team as seen in "Frankensteve".

In "Chinese New Year", he constructs robot versions of the professors in an attempt to reteach the students while giving the professors time to slack off.

When he takes part of a game called "The Dean's List" in "Dean's List", he finds weaponry set up by The Dean and kills at least nine people with it, five of which are his own teammates. He then switches teams, joining forces with the history team, another member and Crystal, who switched as well.

When The Dean lowers professors' salaries to minimum wage in "Is College Worth It?", Leonard gets a second job as a groundskeeper.

He and other males try vainly to win a ticket for a Kenny Winker concert in "Kenny Winker Rules". Later, he and other males try to steal the ticket from its winner: Baby Cakes.


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