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"Get Your Ass Back to School" is a song played during a China, IL commercial to promote Season 2 premiere episodes. The song is sung/rapped by Brad Neely, the voice of Baby Cakes.

The commercial can be watched here.

Lyrics Edit

[clap, clap]
Get your ass back to school,
Back to China, Illinois.
Get your ass back to school,
(You know what I mean!)
Back to China, Illinois.
I—I—I—I—I—I—If you're going back, better get yourself some pencils.
Get yourself some condoms if you're messin' with the stencils.
If you throw a party better, get the freakin' tinsel
Because every single day is like a Christmas party, motherhubba!
Get your ass back to school,
Back to China, Illinois.

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