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Flip Flop

Flip Flop is a student who begins attending UCI in Season 2.


He speaks in ghetto talk, saying words such as "yo" frequently. Not only this, but it is also apparent in his schoolwork, as shown in "The Diamond Castle". In addition, and true to his name, he wears flip flops. He does have some responsibility, though, since he has a job at Bullseye.

He has his way of manipulating people as seen in "Wild Hogs", when his tampering of Frank's suggestion box causes Frank to dress eccentrically and develop anorexia. In spite of this, he is likely popular on campus, having a lot of friends and acquaintances in and out of the main cast. Also, he is popular with Steve and, to a lesser extent, Frank.


As shown in "Total Validation", he has a sister, Flap Flap, with whom he doesn't get along well. His parents die in "Wild Hogs" due to an invasion by the eponymous animals.


  • Despite calling Pony old in "The Perfect Lecture", Flip Flop has drunken sex with her and enjoys it in "Kenny Winker Rules", even speaking of his enjoyment while sober.
  • Flip Flop makes some sort of appearance in all Season 2 and Season 3 episodes. He never appears in the pilots or Season 1.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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