Crystal Peppers is a professor of various subjects at the University of China, Illinois.

Biography Edit

Crystal is a trans woman who, at the start of the series, still had testicles. When Crystal loses a bet to Steve Smith in "Coming Out of the Casket", the latter snips off the former's testicles.

At the start of the series, Crystal starts as a history professor before switching to Spanish in "Coming Out of the Casket" due to low student enrollment in history classes. By "Dean's List", however, she begins to transition back to the history department; despite starting on the Spanish team during the eponymous game, Crystal joins forces with the history team after the majority of the Spanish team dies. Later, in "The Perfect Lecture", Crystal states that, while she is primarily a Spanish professor, she also helps the history department. By "The Diamond Castle", Crystal has completely switched back to history, "Do You Know Who You Look Like?" being the last episode in which she teaches Spanish.

Trivia Edit

  • Crystal's spirit animal is a cobra as seen in "Secret Society".
  • "Dream Reamer" suggests her hair is actually a wig.
  • In "Is College Worth It?", she is shown working as a janitor as well, but never before or after said episode.
  • Crystal experiences two jail sentences in "Bi-Topping-Ality".
    • Crystal goes to jail for shooting a deliveryman, but is released when her actions proved to be out of self-defense.
    • After Frank Smith gives Crystal a saw as a gift, a policeman sentences Crystal to more jail time, not knowing the reason the saw was in Crystal's possession.

Episode Appearances Edit