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Mark "Baby" Cakes is a 30-year-old man who roams about the campus.


He likely has mental problems; one example is in "Dream Reamer", when he is unable to distinguish reality from his imagination. Later, in "The Perfect Lecture", when his idea for energy bars is accepted, he tries for more unusual flavors, causing them to be recalled, and in "Total Validation", his insanity drives his father to the point of threatening to cut off their ties should the man-child's antics continue. Two episodes later, in "Prank Week", a dream of his causes him to hunt down those he sees as witches, such as Steve and even his own father.

Often, he gets through his life without receiving retribution for his actions. His false identity, a character portrayed by Kevin Costner, causes the real Costner to be executed, and although the incident is never brought up again, Baby Cakes is never seen being punished for this. Furthermore, his capturing of the "witches" is merely seen as an elaborate prank for Prank Week, and he is given a parade in his honor instead of a punishment. This isn't always the case, however, as his father takes action in the hopes of correcting his son's intolerable behavior. In addition, his being indecisive and commentary in "A Gentleman's Bet" is what causes a think tank to debate longer than need be, causing Pony, one of the think tank members, to attack the man-child.

Despite the above, Baby Cakes is shown to care for his friends. He helps free them from punishment due to the Mayor in "Dean vs. Mayor", then assists Frank when he claims to be attacked by a spirit in "Coming Out of the Casket". Later, in "Best Face Forward", he further helps Frank when his anus takes over the rest of his body by searching for a spell to reverse this takeover.

His role in being on campus is ambiguous, as his age is far higher than that of a typical college student. Some episodes show that he's a student; in "Secret Society", he is seen being taught by Sammy and retaking the final exam along with the other students in "Chinese New Year". Additionally, he is claimed to be enrolled as a student "for like the 12th time," by Steve, in "The Perfect Lecture".


  • Brad Neely confirms that Baby Cakes is 30. [1]
  • He has a lot of freedom on campus, as he's able to get into the staff-only prom in "Prom Face/Off".

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