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Mark Cakes

Portrayed by

Brad Neely

First shown in

China IL: The Funeral

Last shown in


Mark "Baby" Cakes, often called B.C. for short, is a philosophical and likely autistic 30-year-old man. Baby Cakes is a peaceful giant with a philosophical bent. He is a manchild.

His father is Leonard Cakes. Since his father teaches at UCI, he gets to attend classes for free.

He has a heavy attraction to Pony as it is shows in his dreams about her in "Dream Reamer".


He takes part in attracting Ronald Reagan to UCI in "Rewind, Pause, Pay!".

In "Dean vs. Mayor", he frees Steve and Pony from their locks and helps bring The Dean back to his feet to overthrow The Mayor.

In "Baby Boom", he helps the campus care for a giant baby created by accident courtesy in part of his father.

In "Coming Out of the Casket", he is revealed to be a paranormal investigator, with various devices and machines designed to help him find ghostly spirits. He helps the history professors with a supposed spirit, who turns out to be Harold, one of their former coworkers. He then helps Crystal capture Harold to the frustration of Steve.

He lingers around the campus in "Secret Society", being seen as a student and having other background activity.

He attempts to bring Mattie to the faculty prom in "Prom Face/Off" despite his father's disapproval. When he learns that Mattie is technically his sister, he is heartbroken, claiming he was in true love as his father explains his disapproval.

He is the emcee during the school's wrestling matches in "Frankensteve".

He tries to calm down a student riot in "Chinese New Year" and is later seen retaking the final exam along with the campus' students.

When encouraged to join Facebook in "Dream Reamer", he adds many people including his former imaginary friend: The Dream Reamer. After hesitation, he befriends him, then has to stop him when he wreaks havoc on his other friends' lives.

He is part of The Dean's audience in "Dean's List", where they watch select students and staff take part in The Dean's game: a scavenger hunt.

In "The Perfect Lecture", he creates energy bars and hopes to sell them in campus vending machines. Though are initially rejected by the vending machine company, he fills the vending machines anyway, and he is eventually allowed legally to sell them. He decides to make more bizarre flavors, such as "Girl Hair" and "Nine-Volt Battery" which are later recalled.

In "Is College Worth It?", he feels The Dean's new $500,000/year tuition is shafting the students but is turned down when he brings this up to The Dean. After a snarky remark from The Dean, Baby Cakes disguises himself as Robin Hood and attempts to repay the students and is then wanted by The Dean. When captured, he is spared when Kevin Costner hangs himself in his place.

While trying to call tech support for his broken iPad in "Kenny Winker Rules", he unwittingly wins a ticket for a Kenny Winker concert and is given chase by males who want it while he doesn't. Baby Cakes voices his displeasure of Kenny's music and when visited by him informs him that females dislike his music as well. Kenny then asks Baby Cakes for advice on having his music adored by females and hires the manchild as his manager in place of Richard.

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