Mark "Baby" Cakes is a 30-year-old man who roams about the campus.

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Baby Cakes is shown to care for his friends. He helps free them from punishment due to the Mayor in "Dean vs. Mayor", then assists Frank Smith when he claims to be attacked by a spirit in "Coming Out of the Casket". Later, in "Best Face Forward", he further helps Frank when his anus takes over the rest of his body by searching for a spell to reverse this takeover.

Baby Cakes' role in being on campus is ambiguous. Some episodes show that Baby Cakes is a student; in "Secret Society", Baby Cakes appears as a student of Sammy, and Baby Cakes later retakes his final exam in "Chinese New Year". Additionally, Steve claims Baby Cakes to be enrolled as a student "for like the twelfth time" in "The Perfect Lecture".

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